Woven or Welded Mesh – which is best?

Posted on: April 24, 2015


It´s a frequently asked question and one which fails to take into account the fact that both have advantages which can be exploited. In fact, it’s perhaps more constructive when dealing with this question to consider it more as a comparison than a challenge.

To answer the question we need to look at how they are structured:

Woven wire fences are manufactured in a completely different and more complex way than welded mesh fencing. Machine fabricated, wire is loosely coiled into a gentle spiral and the ends overlapped. The link is made permanent with a straightforward, rapid twist that forms the diamond shape. This process is efficient and not time consuming.

Welded mesh fencing is produced in a process where wires are laid horizontally and vertically to create either square or rectangular apertures very similar to trelliswork. Sheets of fencing are produced by spot welding the wires at intersections.

When you understand the construction method and the basic structure of each type of fence it’s easy to work out which type will suit your project. For example, welded mesh is strong and inflexible making it an ideal choice for secure barriers; whereas woven mesh is more suitable for fencing around farms because it can be bent, twisted or pulled when livestock rub against it but will spring back into shape.

Hence it’s not really a question of which is best but which is more appropriate.

Ask the experts

As manufacturers and distributors of both Woven and Welded Mesh Fencing since 1898 Siddall and Hilton have a wealth of experience in all types of metal barriers including security, landscape, agricultural, wildlife park, prison, military base, airport, commercial, residential and industrial use.

Our mesh products are used in the UK and throughout Europe including:

  • Welded mesh panels
  • Security fencing rolls
  • High security fencing panels
  • Gabion mesh
  • Standard industrial mesh
  • Construction mesh

If you need to draw on our experience to complete your project we are happy to help in providing you with advice on appropriate products, installation and anything else that you need to know. Contact us via our website, by telephone or drop in for a cup of coffee and a chat.

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