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Posted on: January 21, 2016

Wooden Pallets | Siddall and Hilton Prodcts

Wooden pallets aren’t glamorous. These mainstays of the warehouse are usually taken for granted and are dropped, thrown around, used and abused and flung aside. Yet so many pallets take on an important role in the transportation of many varied products and goods and are the connecting factor for manufacturers, distributors, transporters and retailers within the logistics of providing many industries. Without pallets, the supply chain would not operate. The ability to manage pallet systems in an effective way, will improve economy and efficiency in the manufacturing cycle. There are understood to be billions of pallets circulating in the worldwide supply chain.

Pooled or One-Way Pallets

There are many discussions in the world of pallets as to whether using one-way pallets or pooled pallets are preferable.  A pooled pallet is rented from one business that will take care of delivering and collecting them, whereas a one-way pallet is used once, then disposed of or recycled and reused when its initial journey is complete.

Choice of Pallet

Pallets are manufactured in many sizes, materials and shapes. It is critical to make the correct choice to enable a smooth process from start to finish. An incorrect choice can have the consequence of distribution and delivery delays and in the worst case scenario, a loss of profit and product.

In many industries, the choice of pallet will depend mainly on the end product. Some industries, such as food, beverage, electronics and pharmacy products may have precise shipping conditions. A decision may be made dependent on the storage and retrieval structures that a warehouse uses.

Timber pallets remain the most popular type – traditional, durable and suitable for heavy loads. In most cases they are also less expensive than those made from aluminum or plastic. Wooden pallets are made from a natural, sustainable source, are also recyclable and in most instances can be repaired if damaged.

Pallet Cube

Pallet cube optimization ensures that optimum space is used. Ikea has been known to design its products around the pallet size. The Ikea “Bang Mug” was re-designed 3 times to enable more mugs to be fitted onto a pallet for more economical shipping costs. Initially only 864 of these types of mugs would fit onto a pallet but after redesign, 2204 mugs could be transported.

Siddall & Hilton Products offer a wide variety range of Wooden pallets including two-way, four-way and bespoke, manufactured from quality UK sourced wood, at very competitive prices. We particularly specialize in manufacturing larger, bespoke pallets using state-of-the-art automated equipment in our Yorkshire premises. Contact us for further information and advice about our Pallets for sale.

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