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Posted on: January 9, 2015

For hundreds of years steel workers and ironmongers have been making Wire products that are useful in both the industrial and domestic market places. From the most delicate and ornamental garden features to the most secure fencing and gates wire products made from quality steel wire are here to stay.

Nowadays, we see more and more wire products in and around our properties that assist us in our daily lives. From the simplest waste paper basket to the most sophisticated barbecue quality steel wire can produced customised wire products to match any requirement.

Customised barbecue construction

If you build customised barbecues as a landscape gardener, the chances are that you will combine stainless steel and wire mesh for the grill and rack since it is so easy to clean, robust and resilient to rust. These grills and racks could easily last a lifetime given minimum maintenance.


The versatility of wire products made from steel wire is endless particularly in the security industry. Security window bars, gates, doors and fences call all be customised to satisfy any customer’s needs and because of the range of designs available there is no problem with aesthetic integration. Security accessories such as remote controlled gates, security lighting and alarms can also be perfectly installed or attached.

Around the garden

Garden trolleys for moving plants and tools around are usually manufactured from wire mesh products and are of great assistance to the avid gardener with trees to prune and bushes to transform into the most magnificent topiary designs.

In the house

In the home, laundry baskets made from quality stainless steel mesh are useful in two main ways. Firstly you can see how much laundry there is to do and secondly they won’t rust. Stainless steel products like this are excellent for a modern look.

Bird cages and aviaries

Whether you are looking for a bird cage for your pet parrot or a full sized aviary in your garden the chances are they will both be made using wire products made from quality steel wire. Manufacturers of these products have a wealth of experience in producing all forms of pet enclosures so seeking advice from them, particularly for the construction of an aviary is a must.

No matter what you need Wire products made from quality steel wire for, choosing a professional manufacturer will ensure that you get the highest quality as well as the benefit of expert craftsmanship.

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