Wire Mesh Fencing Products are Ideal for Security Purposes

Posted on: November 27, 2014

Wire mesh fencing products have developed and improved over many years in much the same way as most other security solutions. New technology has a positive impact on most things nowadays.

Recently there has been an increase in the supply of wire mesh fencing products for security purposes, more particularly with the perceived terrorist threats prevalent in the UK currently. It may be that you don’t feel your business is ever likely to be involved in such a threat or even remotely come into contact with anything associated with terrorism but read on; you may be surprised.

Terrorism is not just confined to attacks. Before the attacks there is a lot of preparation and by the nature of such preparation it is done secretly in the hope it will not be discovered until the attack takes place. Where the preparation takes place varies, but storage of weapons and ammunition, bomb making equipment and a host of other things, is essential. So let’s look at where this can be facilitated.

Isolated disused farm buildings

If you own barns or farm buildings that you don’t use and hardly go near for long periods of time it is quite possible that they could be used for terrorist purposes without you knowing about it. In the current situation it’s wise to check them out and better to use wire mesh fencing to prevent illicit use. Security wire mesh fencing products are affordable and hard to breach with anti-climb properties. Topped with barbed wire most intruders won’t even try to breach these types of fences.

Derelict buildings

If you are a property developer with inventory that needs reforming, you may well have boarded up the windows and made sure there are robust locks on all doors so that squatters can’t occupy the building. However, terrorists are not like squatters. They may break in and store their armoury within the building making sure that they repair any damage each time they leave, so that a break in is not immediately visible.

Protecting your property with security wire mesh fencing is a much better way to stop intruders. It’s very difficult to climb and even the most seasoned burglar will avoid trying. It doesn’t cost a fortune and pays dividends in not having people use your building for nefarious purposes, not to mention any damage they may cause to the interior.

Empty industrial units

If you own industrial units on a park that has low occupancy, especially at the end of a row, it makes sense to fence the perimeter of them if they are empty. If no one can get in, the building cannot be used. Security wire mesh fencing is the perfect solution.

Whilst security wire mesh fencing products are great for preventing unauthorised entry to your property it’s also fantastic for improving aesthetics. Putting a new fence around a derelict building will make it look less derelict and a new security fence around any building gives the impression of activity, despite there being none.

Think about it – you know it makes sense.


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