Wire Fencing Manufacturers and their Welded Wire Mesh Products

Posted on: November 25, 2015

Wire Fencing Manufacturers | Siddall and Hilton Products

Welded wire mesh products are used worldwide and without wire fencing manufacturers it’s difficult to imagine how a multitude of industries would be able to secure their premises, goods and livestock. Welded wire mesh fence panels provide the components to create secure perimeter fencing systems to keep intruders out and various people and animals in. The perfect examples are high security prisons, hospitals, military bases and wildlife parks to name a few.

Wire Fencing

As Wire Fencing manufacturers we produce a diverse range of designs, both standard and bespoke welded wire mesh fencing panels.  Usually the designs incorporate rectangular or square openings with wire lengths welded vertically and horizontally.

Siddall & Hilton produce a comprehensive range of fence panels including Double Wire, Prison Mesh, anti-climb D49 mesh and other forms of permanent and temporary fencing; together with Razor Barb topping.

As well as fencing we manufacture the accessories and fittings that secure the panels including posts and clamps.

Wire products

Container Handles are required in industrial and commercial environments with stainless steel handles being strong and corrosion resistant. They are particularly useful in catering, sterile and damp environments where rust is a problem with other forms of metal.

Our products are also used in upholstery and re-upholstery with double cone springs being used for a wide variety of furniture including sofas, mattresses and other seating.

The Steel Springs of today are infinitely stronger than those produced from times gone by so that antique furniture restored with our serpentine, tension and double cone springs today will last almost indefinitely depending on the quality used.

We are in a technological era and wire products are not left out when it comes to advancement. High tech machinery ensures precise specifications in the manufacture of our range. However, a replacement stainless steel, matching its flexibility and durability has yet to be found.


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