Who Owns Your Wire Product Design?

Posted on: January 29, 2016

Wire Product Design

If you are a designer of wire products such as Wire Handles and Furniture Springs but not a manufacturer you will need someone to make them for you. Be careful who you choose, especially if you’ve designed a new product, since you may find that when it’s finally made you no longer own your design.  Here is some useful advice relating to wire product design to ensure that you, and only you, own your work.

Finding a Supplier

  • How should you go about researching and locating the manufacturer of new wire form or welded wire products?
  • Initial manufacturer research
  • Internet web searches, online directories or possibly companies you have previously done similar business with for their suggestions and   recommendations
  • Direct contact with a manufacturer that offers specialisation in wire fabrication or wire form products

Once you have discovered your chosen manufacturer, they will probably require clarification from you in the form of a print or drawing to allow them to offer you a quotation; or possibly offer suggestions to enable a more economic design or a more robust or reliable component; or maybe even suggest a modification to your initial drawing. The next step is to proceed with this amended component and to place your order with the manufacturer to provide samples or prototypes for your perusal.

Points to be aware of

In some instances, you need to be aware that an unscrupulous manufacturing company could use your original concept and design to market and copyright it as their own project. There are however, several routes you can follow to prevent this plagiarism of your original product design and avoid falling into this situation.

  • Request that your product manufacturer signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) containing evidence that you own the rights to the product or design.
  • Evaluate your expectations
  • Appraise the manufacturers Terms and Conditions of business
  • Should the manufacturer suggest alterations or amendments that will affect your final component incorporate these changes into your print or design drawing.
  • If the manufacturer does provide any additional, project design work for you ensure that you are charged for this. Consequently, if you pay for design changes, you should be the legal owner of these amendments.

In all cases, having a frank, straightforward, initial chat with your manufacturer will usually rule out any problems in future. At the end of the day they are in business to acquire your order, provide a service and an end product to the customer based on that customer’s individual requirements. The majority of manufacturing companies are not interested in stealing the work of wire products design engineers.

Contact Our Wire Product Design Team for Help and Advice

Siddall & Hilton have a long established reputation as manufacturers of high quality Wire Products, including Cut Wire Lengths, Wire Handles and Furniture Springs all of which are manufactured to the most rigid of standards and development controls. Our specialist team will be happy to discuss your wire product design requirements at any phase of your project. Give us a call.

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