What is Double Wire Welded Steel Fencing?

Posted on: November 6, 2014

This is a type of high security fencing that is almost impossible to cut through used in a variety of applications but often as a perimeter fence for schools, around sites such as football grounds or tennis courts and indeed any site where there is a necessity for secure fencing that is not more than 6 metres high.

There are two finishes that can be applied to double wire welded steel fencing:
1. Galvanised with a polyester powder coating
2. Hot tip galvanised

Available in a wide range of colours double wire welded steel fencing is one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the range of security fence options.

Double wire welded steel fencing for zoos and wildlife parks
Where dangerous and exotic animals roam double wire steel fencing is an ideal solution for containing them when fitted with an overhang. To be absolutely safe for the animals and those that come to view them, it’s always best to exceed fencing legislation and we recommend a fence height of at least 5 metres with a metre and a half overhang.

Wild animals will explore their territory and its perimeters so attempting to chew through fencing is not uncommon as they seek to expand their territory. With this type of security fencing they will give up on the idea very quickly. Given the obvious danger these animals can be to visitors, no zoo or Wildlife Park can afford to take the risk of them escaping. The fences securing their compounds and territory must also be intruder proof both from over curious visitors and unscrupulous individuals wishing to steal them.

In addition, zoos and wildlife parks are expensive to run and usually don’t have a bottomless pit of money. Double wire welded steel fencing is affordable and durable, lasting a minimum of the lifetime of a lion which is normally around 20 years. It is the product of choice in the UK for facilities where wild animals are kept.

For wildlife parks green is a good colour choice in the UK because it blends in nicely with the countryside.

Installation of double wire welded steel fencing
Professional security fencing should be installed by professional fencing contractors who are experienced in fitting it. You should not take the risk of installing it yourself or using unqualified individuals to do it for you. You purchase this type of fencing in order to keep things secure so why take the risk of an incorrect installation?

For more information on the many uses double wire welded steel fencing can be put to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss security solutions for your specific fencing requirements.

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