Welded wire mesh protects wild and domestic animals

Posted on: March 26, 2015

Welded wire mesh protects wild and domestic animals

The deterioration of animal habitats and hunters around the world still threatening the survival of rare species of wild animals, such as tigers, wild life parks play an important role in their survival. Zoos also play a part in breeding and preservation.

Essential for the protection of wild animals and humans is the barrier that exists between them in zoo and wildlife park environments. This barrier has to be able to withstand the strength of large animals charging or pushing against it and quite often we see trenches between the fencing and the enclosure or double fencing for extra protection.

Strong, long lasting and rust resistant

Stainless steel welded wire mesh is the fencing of choice internationally for wildlife preservation areas or safari parks because it is strong, long lasting and rust resistant. It can also be built to any height that is required which makes it difficult for animals to climb or jump over, as well as being a deterrent to poachers and predators.

Stainless steel fencing and enclosure products

Welded wire mesh is just one of many fencing and enclosure products used in the protection and rearing of wild and domestic animals. Chain link, stainless steel rope mesh, chicken wire mesh and aviary mesh, among many other stainless steel fencing products, are all extensively used for enclosures depending on the type of animal or bird being contained.

These products are manufactured with varying sized apertures to service the containment of small, medium and large animals or birds. They are also made in a variety of colours to blend in with the surrounding landscape making them almost invisible from a distance.

If you have a project that involves the protection and containment of animals, wild or domestic, we are able to advise you about the best enclosure solutions available. We have a range of welded wire mesh products to match any project at affordable, competitive prices.

In all cases, we suggest that you use a professional fencing contractor to install the product of your choice since it is important to get the job right; not only for health and safety reasons but also from an expense perspective. An amateur installation almost always leads to a professional having to be called in to correct the work.



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