Welded wire mesh fencing panels for pet enclosures

Posted on: December 12, 2014

Wire and welded mesh fencing products are used by fencing contractors and landscape gardeners to make enclosures for all forms of domestic pets, zoo and farm animals.


For dog enclosures 9 gauge, powder coated, welded wire mesh fencing panels that are 3.5mm thick are ideal. It will be equally effective in preventing small and large dogs from escaping and the size of aperture will not allow them to climb up the fencing. As a versatile fencing product welded mesh can be formed to custom shapes and if at a later date you need to enlarge the enclosure it’s very easy to add additional panels to what will be a deluxe form of dog kennel when constructed.

If one side of the kennel is going to be an existing wall the fencing can be attached using simple wall plugs. And it is also possible to cover the fencing with panels to for a roof if required. Powder coating comes in a variety of colours so the entire enclosure can aesthetically blend into the surroundings.


Welded wire mesh fencing panels are often used to build aviaries providing birds with natural sunlight and fresh air. A fencing contractor or landscape gardener will work out the best way to construct your aviary based on the following:

Size of aviary

Will the cage be free standing or attached to a wall?

Will the aviary need to be covered with wire mesh

What type of bird will be kept in the aviary?

The usual height of an aviary is 1.8 metres (6’) but panels can be lower if required. For exotic birds such as parrots, cockatoos and macaws the mesh size would normally be 2” x 1” and for birds such as canaries, zebra finches and budgerigars 1” x ½” is recommended.


The same welded wire mesh fencing specification for cat enclosures is used as that for dogs, the only difference being that you will need to cover the run with a wire mesh roof because cats are extremely adept at climbing anything!


It’s not unusual nowadays for people to want to keep a few chickens for fresh eggs at breakfast. Whilst the old fashioned chicken wire can be used to make coops it isn’t very strong and doesn’t look very pretty! Welded wire mesh fencing not only looks better, it will also last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

To stop predators such as foxes entering the chicken coop a landscape gardener or fencing contractor will use standard panelling to form a base for the coop. There are a number of options available in the welded wire mesh fencing range of products which you can discuss with your fencing installer including triangular or rectangular patterns and colour options.

If your business is involved periodically or specifically in building pet enclosures check out the full range of our welded wire mesh fencing products and do give us a call if in doubt as to which product best suits your project.


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