Welded Mesh Fencing to Suit your Security Needs

Posted on: February 23, 2016

Wire Mesh Fencing

As a commercial property owner you will be well aware of how important it is to secure your business premises. Your fencing requirements will usually be security, permanency, durability and of course value for money. It is wise to invest in the most secure type of fencing your company can afford, even if limited by budget. There are several types of fencing that you could choose but invariably it will fall within the welded mesh fencing range. Taking into consideration the type of building or the area you are going to secure and the relative importance of your budget, some high security fencing can be quite expensive per metre run. However, it very much depends on the security level you need.

Permanent Mesh Fencing Panels

Siddall & Hilton’s high security, welded mesh fencing panels are often used in commercial applications, especially as perimeter boundaries and to provide security where required, in agriculture, commercial and industrial use. These are normally manufactured with wire diameters from 3.90mm to 7.50mm as standard, having 200mm x 50mm mesh apertures. We also offer a range of bespoke designs on request.

Double Wire Fence Panels

The installation of these welded mesh fencing panels has the effect of delivering a forbidding appearance which will deter intruders from attempting to discover an easy or safe way to breach the barrier. Available in varying heights up to 3m and with panel widths of either 3.0m or 2.5m. Our Double Wire Fence Panels are very durable and visually appealing with a choice of tops available including rounded top, single or triple pointed.

Number of Posts Required

Obviously the number of posts required to fix your fencing panels has a direct impact on your budget as the greater the number of posts, the more expensive the final cost. If you opt for Double Wire Fence Panels you will need to bolt or rivet them to the posts. If in doubt as to the amount of posts needed call us or seek the advice of a professional installer.

Opt for the best you can afford

Regardless of your budget, the prime importance of your choice is to provide adequate security to your premises. If you invest initially in a robust type of welded mesh fencing, over time you will save money that you might otherwise need to spend on vandalism or wear and tear on the fence. If you opt for a fencing system from the lower price range, you could find yourself replacing the fence in its entirety at a later date, which is not cost effective in the long run.

Guarding your business premises is essential, both from a personal point of view, but also from a liability to others perspective. The success of your business could depend on your choice. Security and budget are the paramount concerns when customers are searching for welded mesh fencing.

For further information on our range of security fencing, please call our highly trained sales team on 01484 401610 to discuss your project requirements.

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