The Versatility of Standard and Bespoke Wire Mesh Panels

Posted on: April 18, 2016

Bespoke Wire Mesh Panels

Choosing Standard or Bespoke Wire Mesh Panels

Whether you are refurbishing a property, mending a fence or landscaping a garden, standard or bespoke wire mesh panels are both flexible and versatile. They can be put to a myriad of uses but before purchasing them you need to consider the right type of panel required to match your project.

The choices available to you may be confusing if you don’t know very much about the different types of wire mesh so here are some guidelines to help you.

Selecting the correct wire mesh

Mesh panels are made from a variety of materials including standard mesh, chicken wire, D49 mesh etc.  For example if you are repairing a damaged fence you might want to use bespoke wire mesh panels if the fence is not a standard size. Depending on what the fence is being used for and how high it is, you would then consider the gauge and pattern of the panels. Naturally if the fence is being used for security purposes you will need a stronger panel than if it is only being used to mark a boundary. If aesthetics are an issue, the normal pattern options are rectangles or squares but if you want something special the panels can be custom made.

Professional installers

Bespoke panels are more expensive than standard because they are specially made and this means that the installation of them should be put in the hands of professional installers, no matter the project. If the panels are not fitted properly inevitably they will have to be refitted incurring more expense in the process.

Professional Landscape gardeners install mesh panels for a variety of reasons including for decorative and ornamental purposes, to act as a stronger trellis for plants and hanging pots and for segregation of gardens.

Fencing companies and landscape gardeners are often mesh panel suppliers of both standard and bespoke panels so if you take our advice to use suitably experienced and qualified installers, you can also purchase the panels you need from them.  Professionals can also advise you as to the best panels for your project allowing you to make an informed choice.

Contact Siddall & Hilton for more information about our range of standard and bespoke wire mesh panels.

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