Versatile Welded Wire Products

Posted on: December 15, 2015

Welded Wire Products

Siddall and Hilton make Industrial Welded Wire Products for a multitude of Commercial and Industrial applications.  Ranging from D49 Construction Mesh, which is used in the Construction Industry and mainly used as a base for the pouring of concrete, as an aid to stability, anti-shrinkage and containment of the concrete flow and to achieve a uniform thickness.  It is manufactured on world leading precision, automated machinery and resistance welded for precision, uniformity and strength.

Bespoke Welded Wire Products

Whilst Bespoke Welded Wire Products are manufactured for a number of Commercial and Industrial applications some emerge in the art and sculpture world too.  They can be shaped and sculpted into almost any configuration and used as the core structure for any type of larger than life sculpture.  Of course this application does have certain limitations, but only in your mind!

Siddall and Hilton also manufacture and supply other types of Mesh, for instance in the use of Prison Wire and Panels.  This is ideal for Perimeter Fencing, and of course can be used in conjunction with Razor Wire (which we also supply).  These Prison Mesh Panels are extensively used in all types of high security applications, as the wire is extremely difficult to cut with standard wire cutters and is designed to be anti-climb, due to the spacing between the wires.  Again this type of mesh fencing can and is used for other applications too, and can be supplied in various lengths and widths to suit the application.

Gabion Mesh

In addition, Siddall and Hilton supply Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels.  Typically the application is used in constructed ‘baskets’ which will contain ‘earth’ stones, boulders or other materials. They are used in the construction of supporting earth works, to prevent ‘slip’ or movement and to provide strength and stability.  You have probably seen hundreds of these ‘baskets’ in your everyday life without noticing them, because they can be easily disguised to appear as perfectly benign grassy slopes etc.  Another use is in flood prevention projects.  With the heavy rainfalls we have been beset with in recent years, they have been extensively used in many of the flood prevention projects carried out throughout the world.


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