When to use Serpentine Springs in Upholstery

Posted on: March 21, 2016

When to use Serpentine Springs in UpholsteryReupholstering may seem like hard work but even amateurs can’t deny the sense of achievement they feel when it is accomplished.  Serpentine springs in upholstery are an excellent choice for refurbishing modern, shallow framed chairs, sofas, chaise and footstools.  The strong wire they are manufactured from is 2 dimensional and they are popular not only because they are relatively cheap, in comparison to other springs, but also because of their anti-sag properties.   However, they are not suitable for deep framed furniture when coil springs should be used.

Modern chairs and sofas                      

Serpentines are referred to as no-sag springs by professional upholsterers and are used in most modern chairs and sofas today. They are laid from the front of the piece to the back on the seating area and from the top to the bottom for the back rest. The springs are tied together around 3.8 centimetres from where they are attached, from side to side. There is less tying involved than with coil springs so the job is not quite as boring.

 Durability and Gauge

You can replace coils with serpentine springs provided you use the correct gauge and durability of spring. Serpentines are usually purchased in 304.8 centimetre sections and then you can cut them to size with wire cutters.  8 or in some cases, 9 gauge springs are most commonly used in seating whereas the softer 11 gauge serpentine springs are more suitable for the back supports of chairs and sofas.

Don’t break the “reupholstering rule”

Generally, when reupholstering, there is a rule to use the same springs in a piece of furniture as you removed from it.  Whilst you can use different springs, breaking the reupholstering rule may result in the piece looking misshapen. This particularly applies when you try to use coil springs when serpentine springs were in the original piece. When taking the chair or sofa apart you should pay attention to the layout of the springs because if you don’t apply the same arrangement to the new ones, the aesthetic appearance may not be what you had hoped for.

If you are unsure as to which springs to use for your reupholstering project call us on +44 (0) 1484 401610 for more information. We will be happy to share our knowledge about serpentine springs in upholstery with you.

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