Tips for hiring a fencing contractor

Posted on: November 21, 2014

There is a vast range of security fencing available for any purpose you can think of in terms of securing perimeters, plant and machinery and other valuables. The price of fencing varies depending on what you choose, and there is no doubt that as technology progresses security fencing is more affordable. However, having invested a not insignificant amount of money on your fencing there is little point in having it installed by anyone who is not a professional fencing contractor.

Hiring a fencing contractor to replace your existing fence, repair it or install a new one in the long run will save you money, unless of course you happen to be a professional fencing contractor. The reason is quite logical – you wouldn’t do an electrical installation unless you were a qualified electrician so why use an amateur to install your security fencing when it is so important to get it right?

Not many people realise that fencing contractors are qualified professionals and here is what to look for when hiring a fencing contractor:

Is the fencing contractor qualified?

Professional fencing contractors have usually taken an FISS (Fencing Industry Skills Scheme) training course which integrates with the CSC (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). To become a registered fencing contractor within these schemes it necessary that they complete certain levels of training such as competence in the use of tools for fencing including the safety aspects of using such tools and training in the installation of fencing. When they have completed the course they are issued with a card clearly demonstrating the FISS/CSC level of training they have achieved which is colour coded as follows:

  • Green -Fencing operative
  • Red -Trainee fencer
  • Blue -Skilled/experienced fencer
  • Gold – Supervisory level fencer
  • Black- Management level fencer

Fencing contractor companies are legally obliged to hold an FISS qualification in the UK so if you are hiring fencing contractors through a company ask them what qualifications they hold. There are also NVQs (National Vocational qualifications) that fencers can hold and it may be that a fencing contractor company may send you a fencer who is qualified but accompanied by an apprentice in training.

Fencing Contractors Association

When hiring a fencing contractor, you can also look at those registered with the FCA (Fencing Contractors Association). Membership of the FCA falls into two categories as follows:

  • Full membership for those who have been trading in excess of 2 years
  • Associate membership for those who have not been trading for 2 years

Some fencing contractors are registered with the EFIA (European Fencing Industry Association), a training organisation that is a Trustmark member. Trustmark is a government approved scheme that ensures tradespeople are suitably qualified to undertake any work they are engaged in.

If you are having difficult hiring a fencing contractor, do contact us as we have a number of contacts that we can share with you.


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