The Many Uses of Industrial Mesh

Posted on: August 27, 2015

Security Cage - industrial Mesh


Industrial Mesh is available from Siddall & Hilton Products sheet form, panels and rolls, several diameters and a varied range of coatings.  It can be applied for many uses globally, with differing installation methods.  These include but are not limited to:

Agriculture, animal enclosures and grain storage

In farming, Industrial Welded Mesh is used for the construction of rearing cages, feed rack systems and storage of animal feed and grain.  Also found in smaller agricultural and domestic animal applications in the manufacture of kennels, aviary and other protective enclosures.

Security cages and safety guards

Used in industrial workplaces such as factories and warehouses, it can be utilised for machinery guards, shop fittings and as security window grilles.  In warehouse situations, Industrial Welded Mesh is useful for racking and storage systems.

Construction, transportation and civil engineering

In these trades, Industrial Welded Mesh has a multitude of applications. It is used in the application of walkways, balustrades and cladding.  Our popular D49 construction mesh is widely known for its screed reinforcement properties.  It reduces shrinkage in curbing, enhances the strength of the concrete screed and prevents cracks forming.

Gabion baskets and prevention of rock fall

Gabion retaining baskets manufactured from are a much more reliable solution when used on retaining walls, than concrete, which may be prone to failure and cracking.  These baskets when filled with stone are a more aesthetic solution than concrete.

There are many opportunities to use gabion in diverse situations, such as bridge abutments, landscape gardening for soil retaining walls, channel linings and gulley construction. Galvanised standard mesh is also widely used in the landscape gardening industry.

Security fencing

For many types of fencing, preventative, high security, to establish boundaries and in some instances school sports area fencing, there is a wide choice of heights and grades suitable for uses around industrial units, prisons, warehouses and schools. Due to the diversity of style and durability, these mesh panels are a deterrent to any intruder. Bespoke mesh panels can also be designed and manufactured to match specific projects.

Aggregate Screening

A series of varying sizes of Industrial mesh employed in the quarry and processing plants to filter through the differing sizes of stones, after initial blasting of rocks, then through processes to determine final choice of finished stone product size. Other materials that can be screened through a similar process include sand, gravel, topsoil, coal and cement.

With its extensive use across many varied industries, Industrial Mesh will provide a cost effective solution whatever your application needs.  We have welded mesh products to create an inspired solution to your everyday requirements.

At Siddall & Hilton we are here to discuss your requests and assist you with your choices, whether your needs are for security reasons, construction, agriculture or any related industry we can provide solutions.

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