The Best High Security Fencing

Posted on: October 22, 2014

The best high security fencing is usually installed with additional security features such as Razor Barb topping, security gates, cameras and other electronic or electrical accessories.

Throughout the UK there are many examples of high security fencing that can be seen around the perimeters of military bases, prisons, government facilities, airports, secure hospitals and of course commercial and industrial premises wishing to secure valuable assets.

High security fencing mainly comprises palisade or mesh panels because of their anti-climb properties and durability. These types of fencing are manufactured in a variety of styles and colours but specifically designed to deter intruders or keep people within the perimeters of a facility.

UK Home Office specified fencing

At Siddall & Hilton we recommend Galfan and pre galvanised wire for the best available high security fencing which is used throughout the UK to surround the perimeters of high security prisons and hospitals among other facilities. Specified by the Home Office, this high security (358) prison mesh fencing is incredibly difficult to breach even with the best metal cutters and a skilled mountaineer would find it almost impossible to climb over.

Although this mesh fencing is densely wired, high visibility is possible as well as being compatible with other security accessories such as alarms, electronic and electrical intruder detector systems.

Fencing to match any high security need

Manufactured in a variety of widths and heights with differing mesh apertures there is a security solution to match any high security requirement.

In recent months with so much focus on terrorism threats our Prison Mesh high security fencing is in much demand as an affordable, robust solution to protect personnel and assets that may be the target of possible attacks.

Professional Installation

Professional fencing contractors are highly experienced in the installation of high security fencing and it’s essential that the work is carried out by experienced personnel for optimum performance.

There are number of skilled and experienced fencing contractors in most major towns and cities of the UK and most will have advanced knowledge of our high security fencing.

As longstanding manufacturers we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to serve the needs of our customers and the fencing contractors who purchase from us. The best high security fencing for one organisation may not be the same for another so if in doubt as to the type you need, our office door is always open to discuss your requirements or alternatively you can call us at any time.


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