Tension Springs and their Applications

Posted on: May 8, 2015

Tension Springs, sometimes known as Extension Springs, are tightly wound coil springs that are manufactured to operate with tension when attached at both ends to other components. If these adjoining components are moved or pulled apart, the spring uses force to bring them both together.

They are closely wound springs, and as such, each coil is tightly held against the adjoining coils. The initial tension of the spring determines how tightly coiled the springs are.

The majority of tension springs have end fixings of loops or hooks which attach to other components to create the tension. Siddall & Hilton supply many types and sizes of tension springs to suit a wide range of requirements.


Most upholsterers will use tension springs in seat and back applications. They are applied for use in many industry sectors, Rail, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Food Processing and Aerospace. They are also used in manufacturing, general and car manufacture, used for trampolines, farm equipment, tools such as pliers, garage doors and even automotive parts. Tension springs have a multitude of uses.


When you look to confirm your requirement for these springs, you need to take into account the following details:

Free length – the length of the spring when unloaded

Extended length – the length of the spring when used at full capacity and extension

Spring rate – the force per unit deflection amount

Maximum load – the possible load when the tension spring is at full capacity and extension

Diameter of spring and wire – Also take into account the thickness of wire required and actual diameter of the spring

Siddall & Hilton supply Tension springs in natural and plastic coated finishes depending on your specific application.

Tension spring assemblies (spider units) can be supplied for all your needs and the most common end fixings are different types of end loops and hooks, but there are also others available, screw fixings, shackles etc.,

Not sure what you need?

Please contact us at Siddall & Hilton for more detailed information. Our friendly customer service personnel are highly trained and always willing to help customers with design to ensure they get the right spring for their application.

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