Temporary and Permanent Fencing for Horses

Posted on: July 27, 2016

Permanent Fencing for Horses

If you are building permanent fencing for your horse enclosure it’s a good idea to buy some temporary fencing too.

Temporary Fencing

Usually there will be areas within an enclosure that you will want to protect your horses from.  These include:

Cenotes – where the ground is prone to collapse, commonly referred to as sinkholes. You can keep prevent horses becoming trapped or injured in these areas with temporary fencing.

Trees – saplings and mature trees can be protected from damage caused by horses

Rocky areas – horses can stumble or get their hooves stuck between rocks. Temporary fencing is ideal for enclosing these areas.

This type of fencing is supplied in rolls so is easy to transport and simple to erect.  It’s not very heavy but the wire from which it is made is extremely strong.  Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to run a mild electric current through it so that the horses don’t lean against it.

If you’re operating grazing on a rotation basis, you can use a temporary fence to cordon off areas where you don’t want your horses to graze.  It’s a cheap and simple method of feeding, diminishes over-grazing and is a great way of maintain pasture ground cover.

Permanent Fencing

There is a range of permanent fencing available for horses and the type you choose will largely depend on budget. However, if you buy the best it works out more economic in the long run since you may never have to replace it.

Anti-climb mesh panels are by far the best solution since permanent fencing for horses always requires that:

  • Horses cannot escape
  • Predators and thieves can’t get in
  • It has all weather protection
  • It can be electrified if necessary

Horse enclosure fences need to be at least 4.5 ft. tall and our anti-climb mesh panels are manufactured in a range of sizes suitable for this application.

Unlike wooden fencing, metal fence panels do not splinter or have protruding nails that can so easily injure horses.

For more information about temporary and permanent fencing solutions for horses contact our expert sales team at Siddall and Hilton Products. They will be able to advise you on the perfect solution for your specific project.

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