Security Fencing to Protect Your Workplace

Posted on: March 20, 2015

Security Fencing to Protect your Workplace

Mention security in the workplace to a business owner and it’s more than likely that he or she will immediately think about their website being hacked or someone stealing their intellectual property. Whilst they are absolutely right to be concerned about those things it’s also important to pay attention to external Security Fencing to protect buildings from intruders and thieves.

The first line of defence for most business premises is the perimeter of the property and usually this would come in the form of Security Fencing or walls with some form of barbed topping depending on the level of security required. Sometimes it’s not necessary to fence the whole of a perimeter because occasionally there are natural defences such as cliffs, mountains or rivers among others.

The asics of Security Fencing

It’s important to understand that security fences don’t just work as physical barriers, they also work psychologically. Clearly a physical barrier will prevent intruders from gaining access but in some ways the psychological component is just as effective in keeping people out, if not more so. The appearance of professionally installed Security Fencing lets people know that they do not have access to the property without the owner’s permission. And for potential intruders who seek to cause damage to the property or steal from it, they may move on rather than have the difficulty of trying to break the fence or get over it. This is especially true with professional burglars since they are aware of the anti-climb properties of some secure fencing such as 358 prison mesh, anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh and other forms of welded mesh fencing.

If your business deals in plant and machinery, car parts, construction materials, mobile phones or other expensive electronic products, drugs or jewellery; and you carry high levels of stock, thieves will be drawn to it. These are just a few examples of vulnerable businesses and there are of course many, many others.

In securing your perimeter you should consider fencing that is at least 7ft high and depending on the value of stock a top guard of security barb should be attached which will add another foot. No professional burglar would consider climbing this type of fence.


You wouldn’t let a cowboy build your commercial premises so don’t allow an amateur to install your security fences. You’ll end up doubling your costs if the fencing is not installed correctly. A Fencing Contractor who belongs to the FCA (Fencing Contractors Association) is professionally qualified and will often guarantee the work.

Intrusion detection technology

You should always assume that if thieves really want something you have, they will make every possible attempt to get it. Hence, you should also consider security accessories for your fencing such as CCTV, motion detectors, alarms, passive infrared etc. An experienced Security Fencing installer will be able to suggest the best intrusion detection technology for the type of fence you choose.

Nowadays secure perimeter fencing is attractive, available in a range of colours and won’t make your business premises look like a prison, but it will make them as safe and secure.

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