How to Save Time in Finishing using Steel Baskets with Wire Handles

Posted on: April 6, 2016

Baskets with Wire Handles

The process of finishing in manufacturing can be equally as labour intensive and important as the fabrication of parts. It is during this process that any rough edges, contamination and other imperfections are eradicated prior to assembling the finished product and shipping out.  Finishing is time consuming and most manufacturers look for the most efficient methods to save on labour costs. Steel baskets with wire handles can assist greatly in the finishing process and here is how.

Less waste in finishing

There is nothing more annoying that producing the perfect part or product and then having it scratched or damaged in finishing.  Time and money is wasted on reworking and it is one of the biggest problems for manufacturers.

Damage can occur when products or parts are washed especially if they are floating around together, bobbing into each other.  Or the container used for the washing process retains solvents that discolour the surface of parts because there isn’t enough space for them to escape. If this occurs the chances are parts will have to be reworked or discarded, a costly exercise that no manufacturer wants.

Steel baskets with wire handles can prevent damage during finishing and save manufacturers considerable time and money. These can be purchased from standard stock or custom made.

Dividers built into stainless steel baskets separate parts during washing and prevent them colliding with each other. In addition, the baskets can be made with sufficient open space to stop solvent retention.

Easier detection of parts

Stainless steel wire baskets with dividers allow parts to be arranged in sections thereby making it easier to retrieve and sort them. The baskets, if custom made, can also be designed to hold many different types and sizes of parts.  This also saves time and money on labour because one basket can be used instead of many.

Multiple processes

From organising and washing to storage, stainless steel baskets with wire handles play a significant role in ensuring that the finishing process of parts is speedily accomplished allowing them to move on to the final assembly.

For more information about our stainless steel baskets with wire handles, contact Siddall and Hilton to discuss your specific requirements.

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