Safety is more important than image with security fencing

Posted on: March 12, 2015

A recent terrorist attack at Ballycastle Police Station in County Antrim, Northern Ireland highlighted the dangers of removing additional security fencing around buildings where high security might be deemed to be a necessity rather than an option.

The police station, which is surrounded by walls had, up until 2014, high security fencing topping them but following a recommendation in the 1999 Patton Report, this additional security measure was removed in order to give police stations a softer image. This month an incendiary bomb was hurled over a wall leading to a controlled explosion having to be carried out within the grounds of the police station.

Don’t make life easier for terrorists

Had the security topping not been removed it is highly unlikely this attack would have been possible, or been as easy to effect, given the height of the walls and fence topping. If the bomb had detonated it would have caused at the very least severe damage if not total devastation.

During the Irish conflict all police stations in Northern Ireland had additional metal security fencing attached to the top of gates and walls so that the sheer height was sufficient to deter bombs being thrown over them. Whilst the original reason for installing this is now much less of a risk there are new terror threats arising all over Europe. This particular attack only serves to highlight how very important it is for high security sites to evaluate all risks not just in the present but also the risk potential of the future. Taking a soft approach might be good for the image of the police force but as can be seen, a relaxation of security measures is probably not the best way to achieve it, when there is the potential for bombers to exploit any weakness.

Sophisticated fencing solutions

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