Reinforcing Mesh, the Perfect Fencing Solution

Posted on: September 5, 2014

As an alternative to wood you can’t beat reinforcing mesh for the perfect fencing solution. It can be used in a variety of applications but when used for fencing its main purpose is to keep animals or people in or out of a site or garden. Reinforcing mesh is used for fencing worldwide and can be topped with barbed wire for added security. Because of its strength it is often used to make cages for animals and also for confining livestock to certain areas.

Reinforcing mesh is a welded wire product, made from prefabricated steel with either square or rectangular grid patterns normally manufactured in flat sheets.

Reinforcing mesh makes gardening more efficient
Whether for private gardens, smallholdings or farms reinforcing mesh not only provides durable and long lasting fencing but also can serve a number of purposes in cultivation. Trellises can be made from it and is infinitely less expensive. When used as fencing, it can serve a dual purpose as protection and an aid to cultivating tomatoes, beans, peas and other vine plants.

If you create straight fencing from the reinforcing mesh you can use steel posts with a space of 5’ between them and attach the mesh with plastic cable ties. Aesthetically pleasing, reinforcing mesh creates perfect, evenly spaced fence rows. Whilst the fence rows don’t have to be straight since the mesh is extremely easy to curve if desired, if you are going to use the fence for cultivation, straight is best.

Plastic sheets for windbreakers and protection
Plastic sheets can also be attached to reinforcing mesh to serve as windbreakers and this combination is widely used to create mini greenhouses offering protection to seedlings from the elements and against greenfly or other garden pests. A more flexible and versatile material is hard to find when it comes to use in the garden.

If you customers are landscape gardeners or garden centre owners, it’s a great idea to extol the benefits of using this type of mesh for fencing and to assist in cultivation since it’s much cheaper than other commercial alternatives and will last a very long time. Versatility in use will make it very attractive to them.

Affordable reinforcing mesh for fencing
Many of our clients stock up on reinforcing mesh for their smallholding and farming customers since it offers protection, security and requires less maintenance throughout the year. If you are not offering it to your customers, you are losing out to your competitors in providing an affordable solution to their fencing and cultivation requirements.

For further information about the versatility of reinforcing mesh for fencing and other gardening needs contact one of our experts who will happily share knowledge that you can pass on to your customers.


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