Reinforcing Mesh Applications

Posted on: February 18, 2015

Reinforcing mesh is a welded wire fabric of a prefabricated steel reinforcement material. It is produced in flat sheets either in a square or rectangular grid pattern. It is used for security fencing and commonly to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements including floors and walls. It also has many other uses.


When used for fencing the grids are designed with very small openings so it is almost impossible for a potential intruder to put fingers or feet in to climb the fence. The steel is also virtually impregnable even with wire cutters. These fences are designed to contain properties, land and buildings including bridges, nuclear power plants, water treatment plants, scaffolding and any other area either for safety or to prevent anyone breaking in.

Fencing can be made with PVC coated welded mesh which is likely to be used in residential areas, official properties, gardens and parks. It can be made in a range of colours and designs to suit the purpose it is needed for. In some cases it is important that the fencing stands out and is readily visible; in other situations it is appropriate to have discrete fencing and this material serves both purposes perfectly.

Concrete Reinforcement

Reinforcing mesh used to strengthen concrete structures, driveways and paths etc., is designed differently from fencing mesh with the spacing between the steel wires considerably larger. The mesh is welded at the intersections of the wires and has to meet certain regulatory standards.

Different applications

Other uses for this mesh include animal caging, wire boxes, grills, partitions and grates when the wire goes through a hot zinc covering process.

In today’s world it is likely that there will be reinforcing mesh used in some area of your everyday life whether is for agricultural use, gas plants, business and public premises, roads, pavements, public footpaths, office blocks, car parks, public gardens, private residences, cages, containers or numerous other applications.

The mesh industry has become a huge with a choice of many suppliers at competitive prices. Depending on what purpose it is required for, you might want to seek our advice to ascertain the best product to suit your purpose. We are always happy to discuss our products and share our experience and knowledge free of charge.

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