Recycling Two Way Wooden Pallets

Posted on: June 2, 2016

Two Way Wooden Pallets | Siddall and Hilton Products

Manufacture of Two way wooden pallets

Two way wooden pallets are the most economic type of pallet, manufactured using only 3 basic components, the top deck board, lower deck board and a side bearer. The ‘two way’ reference is because it’s only possible for them to be picked up by a fork-lift truck entering them either at the front or the back.

Disposal Problems

Regardless of efforts to source an alternative, wooden pallets can be found everywhere, making up around 93% of the worldwide pallet market. Around 54% of the wooden pallets manufactured are only intended to be used for one shipment and then are burned, stored or discarded. Pallets are just as susceptible to damage as ever, and when they come to the end of their useful, industrial life and are no longer repairable, the options to dispose of them are limited. In fact, many landfill sites no longer accept them for discarding. This appears to be an enormous waste, considering that businesses can derive income from the by-products of timber, such as insulation, mulch, building materials and fuel pellets.

Methods of Recycling

As a result of this disposal problem, several pallet manufacturers are now focusing on recycling, to provide an environmental answer to this worldwide pallet problem. Wood pallet recyclers will pay a few pounds for each pallet returned to them for recycling. The majority of pallet recycling companies will collect used four and two way wooden pallets from your premises or warehouse free of charge, although they usually request a minimum quantity of around one hundred, to make the trip viable. They will then repair and renovate the pallets and redistribute into industry and transport locations.

Recycling in the Home

There are many ideas and advantages to recycling two-way wooden pallets in the home and garden. Etsy and Pinterest currently feature a multitude of items made from pallets, from garden seating, tables and sofas, window planters and shelving solutions. The timber may require some renovation, sanding and painting before it can be usefully utilised in a safe manner, but the options are endless, providing an environmentally and economic method to recycle two-way wooden pallets into useful articles for your home.

Siddall & Hilton Products offer a wide variety range of wooden pallets including two-way, four-way and bespoke, manufactured from quality UK sourced wood, at very competitive prices. We particularly specialise in manufacturing larger, bespoke pallets, using state-of-the-art automated equipment in our Yorkshire premises. Contact us for further information and advice about our two way wooden pallets for sale.

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