Razor Barbed Wire Fencing around the World

Posted on: September 18, 2015

Razor Barbed Wire Fence

Razor barbed wire fencing has long been an effective deterrent for vandals, burglars and other unwanted intruders. It’s mainly used around the perimeters of high security, commercial and industrial environments. However there is a developing trend to protect borders between countries around the world and most recently in Europe.

Hungary barbed razor wire fence

In a struggle to cope with thousands of migrants, the Hungarian government has installed 175 kilometres of razor barbed wire fencing along Hungary’s Serbian border.

Spain razor barbed wire security fencing

The fence on the border of Morocco and Spanish owned Melilla has existed since 2005 but was renewed with barbed razor wire in 2013 to prevent migrants crossing.

Kashmir, India

If there was an award for which country has the most razor and barbed wire it would probably go to Kashmir which continually calls for independence.  This type of barricade can be found almost everywhere and was installed by India’s military in an attempt to supress militants.

Unfortunately this is an example of how things can go badly wrong when such fencing is not professionally installed.  Kashmir’s airport, official buildings, government offices and railway and bus stations all have an armed police presence with miles of razor barb protection.

Razor barb can be found across roads, protecting bunkers in market places, military camps and in public places such as parks and town squares. Barbed wire can even be seen wrapped around trees, a measure designed to stop large groups of people gathering together.

Flooding and constant snagging on the badly installed razor barb has caused some of it to be detached and dispersed in areas where it is a danger to the public, including small children.

Quality and professional installation

In a recent post on our blog regarding security fencing at Calais we concluded that spending millions on a fence was a complete waste of money unless it was fit for purpose and professionally installed.

The above examples also fall short in their efficiency since there are many reports of these fences being penetrated. Usually an intruder would need industrial cutting equipment to breach a double razor barbed wire barrier, clearly demonstrating that these installations are not professional; and the possibility that the product is not of sufficient quality for its purpose.

The use of razor barb is controversial, particularly when used along borders but if the idea is for the fence to be a deterrent it is imperative that high quality razor wire is used and professionally installed by experts. If not, there is no point in having it.



Image  – Nan Palmero

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