Razor Barb Fencing Uses and Applications

Posted on: February 11, 2016

Razor Barb Fencing

What is Razor Barb Fencing?

Razor Barb Fencing, as the name suggests, is sharp and has such a daunting, formidable appearance that even the most professional burglar won’t attempt to breach it. One of the reasons for this is that the sharp edges of the metal strips woven into this type of fencing will cause severe cuts when an intruder becomes entangled in it. Another reason is that to cut through Razor Barb Fencing requires industrial scale cutting equipment which is difficult to carry around.  Not to be confused with its poor relative, barbed wire; Razor Barb is stronger and much sharper.

Main Applications

Razor barb Fences are almost exclusively used to keep something in or out. They will usually be found protecting border perimeters. Razor Barb topping will often be seen on top of mesh fencing or walls for added security at high security hospitals and prisons; airfield and airport perimeters and increasingly around industrial or commercial premises.

This type of fencing has become more popular in recent years throughout the world. As security fears grow, more Razor Barb Fencing is sold. High walls and mesh fencing alone are no longer sufficient especially since the advent of drones.  A drone can clear any fence or wall so that criminals are able to “case the joint” very easily.  Scaling walls and fences without Razor Barb is relatively simple. If you happen to see a drone hovering over your property, without your permission, a powerful water hose aimed at it should resolve the problem!

However, razor wire is not just a deterrent for humans. Wildlife parks, zoos and farms also use this type of fencing solution to keep livestock in and pests out.

Types of Razor Barb Fencing

There are two main types of Razor Barb Fencing e.g., galvanised or stainless steel.  Of the two, stainless steel is by far the better option because of its rust resistance properties, durability and strength. It’s also aesthetically superior to its galvanised counterpart. In addition the barbs will remain razor sharp.

Galvanised steel is a slightly cheaper alternative but also of inferior quality. The steel is zinc coated and over time this coating for a number of reasons can diminish through scratching or scraping, leaving parts of the metal exposed to the elements. This in turn will lead to corrosion and blunting of the barbs.

The Better Option

It’s clear that anyone considering the installation of this high security fencing has a good reason to do so. It’s a significant investment and clearly, if budget allows, it is advisable to purchase the stainless steel option because it is superior and will last infinitely longer than galvanised steel.

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