Quick Guide to Security Fencing

Posted on: August 11, 2014

Here at Siddall & Hilton we offer an extensive range of fencing products including razor barb wire, double wire panels, anti-climb prison mesh and permanent fencing. Check out our quick guide below to the different types of security fencing available.

Prison Mesh

Prison mesh is also known as anti-climb mesh because it is almost impossible to climb. The spaces in the mesh are too small to fit a finger or toe, making it impossible to grip. This also makes it very difficult to insert a hand tool for cutting the mesh, further slowing down any attack.

Prison mesh is used extensively throughout high profile prisons, secure hospitals, and many other high security applications.

Panels are available in widths of up to 3658mm and heights up to 6096mm.

358 panels typically come with 3″ and 0.5″ mesh apertures in 4mm wire, but bespoke panel designs can also be supplied.

Razor barb can be used to further enhance security by incorporating into wire mesh fencing.

Double Wire

Double wire is the ultimate heavy duty welded steel fencing. Panels can be made with or without top spikes for additional security.

Available in twin or double wire designs, 656 (twin 6mm horizontal wire and single 5mm vertical wire) or 868 (twin 8mm horizontal wire and single 6mm vertical wire) configurations. Panels heights are available up to 3m and widths of 2.5m or 3.0m.

Alternative double wire panel designs are available such as rebound designs with predictable rebound characteristics for ball courts.

Permanent Fencing

Permanent fencing panels provide increased panel rigidity and polyester coatings on pre-galvanised wire provide long lasting corrosion resistance.

Permanent fencing panels come in a wide range of options, but typically with 200mm x 50mm mesh apertures and wire diameters of 3.90mm – 7.50mm. Bespoke designs are also available.

Panels are 3 metres wide, which reduces post and installation costs by up to 20% compared to 2.5m wide equivalents.

Razor Barb

Razor barb is much sharper than regular barbed wire, and designed to inflict serious cuts, making it completely impossible to grab hold of, anywhere on it at all.

Razor barb is available with short or medium barb, and coil diameters of 455mm, 710mm or 965mm. Each coil has 56 loops which typically span as follows:
• 455mm (8-10m)
• 710mm (10-12.5m)
• 965mm (10-12.5m)


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