Using a Professional Industrial Fencing Contractor

Posted on: June 8, 2016

Professional Industrial Fencing Contractor

The Benefits of using a Professional Installer for Industrial Fencing

In industry, every business has to prove to be cost effective in all aspects, and commercial premises and plots are no exception. The security of your buildings, warehouses, storage facilities and business units all need to be safe from vandals and the threat of theft. Business establishments want to protect their own interest and avoid illegal trespassing so a fencing system is an integral part of the overall business. You can manage these problems, somewhat, by the planning and installation of Industrial Fencing, usually around the perimeter areas.

Once you have decided to meet the budget and invest a significant amount of money in your fencing products and materials, you will need to ensure that it is installed in a correct and efficient manner. Siddall & Hilton recommend that you use a Qualified and Professional Industrial Fencing Contractor for repairs and installation, since the safety and security of the fence is of the utmost importance.

Choosing the right Industrial Fencing Contractor

An industrial fence is not a temporary project, and as such you need to choose a Contractor that will give you a guarantee for their work. A qualified Industrial Fencing Contractor should offer you peace of mind that the newly installed fence will serve its function for a long period of time, after it has been installed.

The installation and erecting price is also an important factor when making your decision to hire a Fencing Contractor.

  • Find reputable companies in your local area
  • Discuss at length with the company representative for the right design, any necessary planning regulations and any specific type of material to be used
  • Obtain at least 3 written quotations for the work you require
  • If you feel it necessary, obtain references from your chosen Contractors
  •  Find a Contractor that will give you a guarantee for their work
  • Choose a reputable Contractor that offers a competitive price for the installation
  • Ensure that the company you decide to hire has a dedicated project manager. This will make sure the installation runs smoothly, and you will have a main person for point of contact.

Public Liability Insurance

Always ensure that the Contractor you hire for the project has Public Liability Insurance Cover. They should provide a copy of their certificate at the quotation stage, before you engage them to do the work.

Our Customer Service Team at Siddall & Hilton is always on hand to help you with any advice you may require regarding our Industrial Fencing supplies. We can also help with information regarding any regulations that may be required for specific types of fencing.

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