Tension Springs

Tension Springs

Siddall and Hilton Products supply Tension Springs which are mainly destined for use in Upholstery and Seating Manufacture.  However there are many other possibilities, where their use can be utilised with a little innovation and imagination.

Tension Springs are made generally of carbon steel spring wire, and dependent upon their application can be copper or plastic coated.  Spider sets being typical of their use, in order to distribute weight evenly within a seating application.  Tension spring suppliers can normally vary the strength of the spring, which is what is known as ‘closed coil wound’. This means the spring is wound so that each coil touches the next (under zero load).  The ends are sometimes formed as hook or as a loop, so fixing is merely a case of hooking it onto, or looping it over the place it’s required.

Variable Strength

The strength of the spring can be varied by adjusting the outside diameter of the coil, variation of the wire diameter, and the amount of initial tension (that means the effort required to ‘open’ the closed coils).  The critical criteria being that, in use, the spring must not be taken beyond its elastic limit (overstretched), as if this happens the coil will not return to its original position.

Technical specifications

As reputable Upholstery Tension Spring Suppliers we will provide you with all the technical specifications that you might need for the manufacture of your upholstery product.  Whether you make new upholstery products, or indeed refurbish and repair treasured older ones, Siddall and Hilton can tailor the springs specifically to your requirements.

Bespoke products

We can quote for individual requirements related to any Upholstery Spring needs, or indeed, provide quotes for made up spider arrangements which are used for this purpose.  But bear in mind, there are a myriad of uses for upholstery Tension Springs.  Consider your car for example!  There are literally hundreds of them, all over the car including those in the engine compartment and the locks and handles on the doors etc. So don’t be under the illusion that Tension Spring Suppliers and Manufacturers have only one talent, we have many!

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