Furniture & Upholstery Springs

Siddall & Hilton Furniture and Upholstery springs are incorporated into the finest soft furnishings available. Manufactured from high carbon phosphate spring steel wire to BS1052 standards and carefully heat treated after forming, they deliver many years of comfortable and reliable service.


 Tension SpringsTension Springs

 Serpentine SpringsSerpentine Springs

 Double Cone SpringsDouble Cone Springs

Tension Springs

Our Tension Springs helical shaped with loops or hooks at either end so that they can be pulled to create the tension and force required. The tighter the coil on the spring, the greater resistance there will be and because they spring back to their original condition they are often used in applications such as trampolines, doors, farm machinery and toys. They are ideal for any heavy duty requirement and can be custom manufactured for specific projects. Contact us for custom orders or visit our Tension Springs page for standard sizes that we often hold in stock.

Serpentine Springs

Serpentine springs are usually used in the upholstering of couches.  9 gauge steel wire is ideal for the manufacturing of these S-shaped springs but in furniture of high quality copper coated serpentine springs are often used to prevent rust. Because of the design of these springs they take up less space within the unit and it’s the spring of choice for couch makers who produce low, sleek, modern designs. In upholstery serpentine springs typically begin at the front of the frame, culminating at the rear and are horizontally joined together with special twine. For more information on these upholstery springs click on our Serpentine Springs page or contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

Double Cone Springs

Siddall and Hilton double cone springs (Bonnell springs) are predominantly used in divans or to manufacture, restore or reupholster traditional mattresses and seating. Furniture restorers particularly favour double cone springs because they are infinitely stronger than those which are removed from old couches, chaise longue and armchairs etc. For this reason an upholsterer typically replaces all of the springs in the furniture rather than just the odd broken one.  We manufacture Bonnel springs in a wide range of sizes to suit most applications but they can be custom made for specific projects if required. For further details visit our Double cone springs page or call us to discuss your particular requirement.

Please call our Sales team on 01484 401610 to find out more information about our Furniture and Upholstery Springs.


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