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Bespoke Mesh Panels

Siddall & Hilton offer a range of manufacturing options for welded mesh panels in bespoke sizes (subject to minimum order quantities) supported by a wide range of mesh configurations, with welds at every intersection to give maximum strength.

Mesh panels are everywhere and used in a variety of industries, services and sectors. Mesh is extremely versatile and has a huge range of uses and applications.


Mesh panels that are used in industrial and manufacturing applications are made from strong metal or steel.  Copper washed standard industrial mesh is not suitable for outdoor use without further surface treatment and would usually be hot dip galvanised after fabrication, to enhance resilience and durability. Panels to be utilised as temporary fixtures will be manufactured in lighter materials for ease of transportation; whereas those destined for permanent partitions and structures will usually be made from heavier materials.

For optimum strength, the closer the layout of wire in mesh panels (e.g. 25mm x 25mm), the better. A close configuration prevents things passing through and these panels are often used for storing small components, valuables or as protective cages around hazardous chemicals etc.  As many of these applications are not standard constructions bespoke mesh panels are the obvious solution.

Uses of Bespoke mesh panels

Siddall & Hilton panels have been custom manufactured for use in factories, warehouses and logistics centres where there is a necessity to store stock securely and safely. Facilities that store hazardous chemicals and gas are legally obliged to provide secure storage for them and mesh panels are ideal for this purpose. They are also the perfect solution for preventing unauthorised access to restricted zones such as high voltage areas.

In high temperature environments, the use of these panels for partitioning is the most practical since the circulation of air flows through them.  Bespoke mesh panels can be made to create a floor to ceiling barrier with integrated doors or secure entry points.

Health and Safety

Mesh panels are often custom made and connected together to form guards for dangerous machinery where moving parts present a hazard to the machine operator.

Security Fencing

Whether for temporary construction site fencing, permanent high security barriers or any location that requires a stable perimeter fence, we have standard panels in stock or bespoke mesh panels that can be manufactured for your specific project.

Our panels are also used as animal enclosures for livestock, wildlife parks and pets.

Please call us on 01484 401610 to discuss bespoke sizes and mesh configurations that are not displayed on our website.

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