Industrial Welded Mesh

Our general purpose Industrial Welded Mesh, including galvanised Welded Mesh and razor wire, is resistance welded on world class, highly automated production lines from the highest quality European steel wire available.

Siddall & Hilton Wire Mesh Products are used globally for a broad range of applications including construction, security and municipal purposes.  These include, but are not limited to, Security fencing, safety screens and panels, animal and other security enclosures and support of structures. Available in rolls, sheets and panels, different diameters and a range of coatings our Industrial Welded Mesh can also be custom designed.


 Gabion Mesh

Gabion Mesh | Siddall and Hilton Products

 Special Mesh
Special Mesh |Siddall and Hilton Products

 Standard Mesh

Standard Mesh | Siddall and Hilton Products

 D49 Construction Mesh

D49 Construction Mesh | Siddall and Hilton Products

Gabion Mesh

Our range of Gabion baskets and mesh panels is virtually limitless.  Manufactured in rust resistant Galfan wire up to 5mm diameter the normal aperture is 76.2mm (3 inches) but custom designs are available on request.

Applications for Gabion Mesh products include:

  • Soil retention, retaining walls and land reinforcement
  • Flood, river and coastal protection
  • Military defence and acoustic barriers
  • Residential garden walls

Bespoke Mesh Panels

One size does not fit all in our industry and for this reason Siddall & Hilton offers a Bespoke Service with a variety of options for welded mesh panels. Our design team can work with you and produce mesh configurations to match the requirements and specifications of your project, together with custom size panels if necessary. Our Bespoke Service is subject to minimum order quantities.

Standard Mesh

Conforming to BS 1052:1980 our copper washed, Galfan or hot dip Galvanised Standard Mesh is available in a variety of different sizes and mesh configurations.  We can also produce non-standard sizes to your specification subject to minimum order quantities.

Welds at every intersection within the mesh configurations ensure maximum strength and durability. For further details click on our Standard Mesh page or contact us to discuss your requirements.

D49 Construction Mesh

Mainly, but not exclusively, used in the construction industry D49 Mesh is an ideal product for screed reinforcement and the protection of pipes. It is especially effective when used over pipes in under floor heating or in any environment where reinforcement is required due to variations in temperature causing screed to become unstable, to crack or to curl.

Conforming to BS 1052:1980 and CARES approved D49 Construction Mesh is one of the most popular products in our Industrial Mesh range, and is used worldwide in the construction industry.

Download the D49 Construction Mesh Technical Specification PDF.


Please call us on 01484 401610 for further information about our Industrial Welded Mesh products.

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