Gabion Mesh Baskets & Panels

Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels

Siddall and Hilton Ltd offer an almost infinite range of Gabion Mesh baskets and panels, usually manufactured from 3mm to 5mm diameter Galfan wire for high corrosion resistance. Typical mesh aperture is 3″ (76.2mm) though special designs can be chosen from our own range or bespoke to match the requirements of specific projects.

Applications for Gabion Mesh Baskets 

Typical applications for these products are;

  • Land reinforcement and soil retention
  • Acoustic barriers
  • Military defence barriers River, flood and coastal protection
  • Domestic garden walls and features


For many years our Gabion baskets have been, and continue to be, utilised in large civil engineering and military projects but recently landscape gardeners have found innovative and attractive ways to use them. Gabions can retain garden walls creating an aesthetically pleasing effect that blends in with the landscape.

The versatility of Gabion Mesh is virtually limitless in the garden. It can create strong, uniquely designed garden benches and surrounds for barbecues, ponds and planters. Pillars can be constructed by filling the baskets with rocks and interlocking them on top of each other.

River Bank and Land Reinforcement

Gabion baskets for river and land projects are often rectangular with the wire boxes filled with stones or rocks. They are used where flow speed is high, made from heavy, strong galvanised steel and often coated with PVS for enhanced corrosive protection

Often stacked on steep slopes, Gabions protect river banks from erosion and periodically need inspection and maintenance.

Gabion Mesh and panels can be seen around the world retaining the lower part of hills and mountains that are susceptible to avalanche.

Due to the structure of Gabions they provide natural drainage and with minimal maintenance can last a lifetime.

Military Applications

Whilst Gabions have been used for hundreds of years in the protection of military bases and troops modern applications include soil filled barriers that are easy to construct and demolish.  These barriers can be erected very quickly with the use of diggers and protect against artillery, indirect, fragmentary and mortar fire.

Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels are extensively used around barracks in areas where large groups of military personnel are unprotected such as in mess halls and dormitories.

For further information about our Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels call us to learn how we can help with your specific project. Siddall and Hilton Products Limited is a UK based leading manufacturer of steel reinforcement solutions many of which are kept in stock.

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