Prison Mesh Fencing

Anti-climb Prison Mesh Fencing

Prison Mesh Anti-Climb Fencing

As international Fencing Manufacturers, Siddall & Hilton have over a hundred years of experience in the supply of Prison Mesh Fencing and other high security products. We are able to offer top quality fencing solutions at affordable prices, either through our standard ranges or custom designed for specific projects.

Available in both pre-galvanised and Galfan® wire, our anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh is specified by the UK Home Office and used extensively throughout the most high profile prisons, secure hospitals, military bases and other high security applications.

Prison Mesh Panels

Mesh panels are available in widths up to 3658mm and heights up to 6096mm. For anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh, 3″ and 0.5″ mesh apertures are provided in 4mm wire.  The mesh spacing and high density weld configuration provide a finger-proof, anti-climb panel which is extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional cutters.

Despite the density of the wires, through visibility is excellent and panel design is compatible with most electronic alarm and intruder detection systems.

Bespoke Prison Mesh Fencing

Customised panel designs can be supplied on request. Please contact us to discuss your particular application in further detail, since we will be able to suggest the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing solution.

Many prison fencing suppliers and installers purchase from Siddall & Hilton due to our expertise in finding solutions to the most complicated of applications, the quality of our products and competitive pricing.

Other Applications

There is no doubt that anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh, topped with razor wire, is the perfect fencing product to deter intruders. In addition to prisons, hospitals and military bases our products are used globally in border controls, airport perimeter barriers and in other applications that require the creation of a secure, safe environment for people.

Prison mesh can also be used around the perimeters of industrial and commercial premises to protect valuable stock and machinery.

Prison mesh fencing panels are often used for barriers around wildlife parks and zoos more particularly for some enclosures where dangerous wild animals are kept.  If budget allows some large farms, including stud farms, choose high security fencing not only to keep livestock and horses in but also predators such as foxes, out.

Please call our sales team on 01484 401610 to find out more information about our Prison Mesh Fencing products.


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