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Our Permanent Fencing Panels are utilised in diverse applications spanning agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential use.  For this reason we always hold a wide range of panels in stock and can manufacture to order.


Agriculture – Fencing Panels are used in multiple applications on farms, smallholdings and wildlife parks. They can be used to segregate animals, build enclosures and of course to form a security barrier around the perimeter to keep animals in, as well as intruders out.

Commercial – Permanent Fencing Panels are also used as security barriers around commercial premises but can be used to segregate work stations in an open plan office environment. Depending on the choice of apertures, panels allow air to be circulated through them and do not impair visibility. They are also aesthetically pleasing when coated with colours to match office décor.

Industrial –  factories and production units across the broad spectrum of industry use Fencing Panels in innumerable applications including for:

  • Machine guards
  • Shelving
  • Sub division of work spaces
  • Security of hazardous chemicals
  • Enclosures for valuable machinery and stock
  • Perimeter fencing

Panels can also be coated for colour coding purposes.

Residential – our Fencing Panels can be seen all over the world around the boundaries of housing estates and individual properties.  They can also be utilised for form pet enclosures. Naturally budget is always a consideration but for a long lasting and durable fencing solution our panels are affordable and effective.

Typically manufactured with 200mm x 50mm mesh apertures, and wire diameters from 3.90mm to 7.50mm as standard, bespoke designs are also available upon request. Please contact us to discuss bespoke and non-standard designs.

Pressed “V” beams increase the rigidity of the panel and Polyester coatings over pre-galvanised wire provide long lasting corrosion resistance. Panels are available in 3 metre widths, reducing post and installation costs by up to 20% when compared to 2.5m wide equivalents.

Permanent fencing is an investment and for this reason we recommend that professional fencing installers are employed to construct it. In this way you can be assured of no mistakes in the construction and the best longevity possible with minimal maintenance.

Our customer service staff will be happy to give advice and share their knowledge about our Permanent Fencing Panels or any other fencing solution that may be suitable for your project.  We guarantee competitive pricing across the whole range of our products and can also help with regulations regarding fencing in the UK if required.

Visit our Industrial Fencing page for alternative panel options.

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