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Double Wire Fence Systems

Double Wire Fencing is a solid yet inconspicuous mesh fencing system.  Typically used to protect the perimeter of commercial, industrial, educational and sporting facilities it is a perfect strong mesh barrier.

 Double Wire Fence Design and Specification:

An elegant, simple design, panels are generally manufactured from pre-Galvanised wire and can be made with or without top spikes for additional anti-climb security.

Available in 656 (twin 6mm horizontal wire and single 5mm vertical wire) or 868 (twin 8mm horizontal wire and single 6mm vertical wire) configurations, our twin wire, or double wire fencing designs are the ultimate in heavy duty welded Steel Fencing.

A range of heights are available up to 3m and panel widths of 2.5m or 3.0m.

Alternative designs of double wire panels are available such as rebound designs which have an increased horizontal wire frequency at the bottom half of the panel to provide predictable rebound characteristics for ball courts.

For additional protections from the elements fencing panels can be primed and powder coated, in a variety of colours, to enhance longevity and make them more resistant to corrosion.


The installation of double wire fencing panels requires posts to which the panels are riveted or bolted. Steel clamps made from flat steel bar fasten the panels to the posts with self-locking nuts. Fastenings can be manufactured in bespoke designs if required.

Double wire fence posts are usually manufactured in standard sizes as follows:

  • Rectangular: 80 x 60 x 2.5mm or 120 x 60 x 3mm
  • Square: 50 x 50mm or 60 x 60mm

Bespoke designs are also possible with all posts galvanised and/or powder coated


Double wire fence panels are not bulky but they are durable and aesthetically pleasing.  Contemporary in design they provide an ideal fencing solution for a wide variety of applications where there is consistent, regular public traffic including.

  • Universities
  • Public swimming pools and Parks
  • Car Parks
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Leisure centres
  • Football pitches and stadiums
  • Tennis Courts

Double wire fencing is also commonly applied around commercial, industrial and residential housing areas where vandalism and crime is common.

Please call our sales team on 01484 401610 to discuss your particular project and learn more about this versatile fencing system.

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