D49 Construction Mesh

D49 Construction Mesh

Our D49 Construction Mesh is manufactured from 2.5mm copper washed drawn mild steel wire and conforming to BS 1052:1980. It is manufactured to the latest standards, suitable for construction reinforcement, is resistance welded at every intersection and CARES approved.

The main use for D49 Mesh is for screed reinforcement. It enhances the strength of flooring, reduces shrinkage in curbing and prevents cracks in the screed.

Shrinking and curling is well known in screeds, which causes them to crack when they are drying. D49 mesh is the perfect reinforcement product as it repels the stress impact and prevents any micro cracks from developing and becoming bigger.

D49 Construction Mesh Uses

D49 Construction Mesh over pipes with 300mm width over the piping is recommended to help reduce cracks in the pipes.

D49 mesh is great for increasing reinforcement for the bending moment.

Due to the shrinking of the screed, the importance of D49 Mesh over the pipes in underfloor heating should not be understated. The continual change in temperature makes for potential cracks and curling, which is why it is so important to stabilise the screed with quality D49 mesh.

It is one of the most popular products in our range and is used in construction throughout the World.

Take a look at our D49 construction mesh technical PDF for more information.

More D49 construction Mesh uses in this blog post.

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