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Posted on: January 2, 2015

Earlier this year we published a blog about the different types of security fencing and their uses. At the time the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the UK was substantial but now it has risen to severe. As we have seen in recent months terrorism can strike anywhere at any time but whether it will come to your door can depend on the type of business or building that you have. Now more than at any other time in our history we all need to be particularly vigilant and conscious of security.

Entry and access points need to be secure

The perfect security fencing to deter terrorist attacks is made from industrial welded mesh. It provides a robust first line of defence around the perimeter of any site. However even when you have installed the perfect security fencing for your requirements it’s useless if you haven’t made sure that your entry points are also secure. Whether gates are operated remotely from within your building or you have a security guard letting visitors in and out will depend on your perceived level of threat.

Naturally industrial welded mesh security fencing is also a deterrent for vandals and burglars since its height and difficulty to breach is enough for them not to take the risk of being caught in attempting to do so.

Intelligent security fencing

Intelligent security fencing is required nowadays for many different sites including airports, prisons, laboratory testing organisations, military bases and indeed anywhere that needs protection for valuable plant or stock that is on site. As technology progresses fencing installers are able to add a wide range of security accessories to the fencing to make it very difficult to penetrate. Cameras, alarms, security lights and alarms are just a few.

Use professional fencing contractors

If you want perfect security fencing it’s always better to get a professional fencing contractor to install it for you. Even if you have managed to purchase the fencing at a discounted price you won’t want to end up doubling the investment if an amateur doesn’t get it right.

At Siddall and Hilton we have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and supply of all forms of security fencing and we are happy to share our knowledge with you and if required, point you in the direction of professional fencing contractors to install the fencing for you.

We take this opportunity of wishing all our customers a very happy and prosperous New Year.


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