New panels already proving popular

Posted on: November 21, 2012

Following the success of the January Perimeter Protection exhibition in Nuremberg, Siddall & Hilton Products have seen a marked escalation in interest and demand for several of their new and innovative products which were unveiled at the show.

Several of their new products have generated particular interest, the most successful of which has been the Safetop fencing panel. Intended for playgrounds, nurseries and other installations often involving the presence of children and where sharp edges and finger trap risks must be minimised.


After manufacture of the pre-galvanised flat panels on Siddall’s modern EVG mesh production lines, an automated cutting and folding machine first removes the appropriate wires for the post rebates  and then twice folds the edges of the flat panel over to create the triangular Safetop profile. Panels are then subjected to pre-treatment and polyester powder coating in a wide variety of colours, often bright and appealing to children.

However, the panel is not limited only to installations where children are present. The Safetop concept is also very well received in public areas, highways and sporting applications for example, where spectators can comfortably lean on the top of the panel whilst watching the game. Safetop can even be produced in double wire and rebound variants making it strong, safe and reliable no matter which side of the fence you are on.

Sales Manager Steve Cockerham commented: “After announcing these new panel designs at the excellent January show in Nuremberg we were surprised at how quickly demand took hold and we’ve seen a steady sales growth of these products month on month.  Because of our ability to accurately make multiple folds in our mesh panels, several specific designs of folded panels have been developed with our customers since the show and we look forward to more joint developments in future”

Siddall and Hilton also unveiled a new 200 x 50 profile panel in Nuremberg which has been extremely well received.

Siddall profile panels

Siddall’s UK production facility already manufactured customer specific designs of profile panels but adopted the new panels as an in-house standard and stock item. Available from 1 metre to 3 metres high and in 3 metre widths, labour and hardware savings of 20% can be realised when compared to 2.5m wide panels. 4.5mm diameter pre-galvanised wires are pre-treated and powder coated in order to withstand the elements and provide a long and attractive service life which through sustained laboratory testing is proving to be at least equivalent to hot dip galvanising.

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