New high security mesh products available

Posted on: November 2, 2012

With recent advances in cordless and portable tool technology, high security welded wire fence systems that were previously considered practically impossible to breach have had their delay factors reduced.

Siddall and Hilton Products have been working hard to develop a new range of high security fencing panels which hand the advantage to the property owner.

With a modern fleet of the most flexible and productive mesh welding machines in the market, SHP are able to mix and match wire diameters, mesh configuration and aperture size, enabling us to formally announce the availability of several new products:

Prison Superior

Conventional prison mesh is manufactured from 4mm horizontal and vertical wires. Prison Superior utilises 6mm vertical wires to increase the durability of the panel and increase the attack withstand factor.


This panel is the same as Prison Superior but with a second series of 4mm horizontal wires welded to the back face of the panel at 152.4mm intervals.

35-duo prison fence

35-Duo panels clearly showing the third wire on the back face of the panel

Prison Ultimate

The flagship of our high security mesh products, (panel range), Prison Ultimate replaces the 4mm wires used in conventional 358 panels with 6mm wires throughout. Attack withstand is significantly improved, cut-through time is increased by 50% and the increased wire size throughout rules out some hand tools that can be used to breach 4mm wire panels.

358 fence toppings

These retrofittable fence toppings are bent to customer preferences and bolted to the top of existing 358 fence panels. Depending upon the exact configuration, these toppings can increase the height of the existing fence and provide a formidable overhang which further reduces the likelihood of an intruder being able to climb the fence.

358 fence topping

An example of a bolted 358 fence topping arrangement

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