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Posted on: April 20, 2015

Talk to most people about a fence and they will imagine something which identifies and secures an area of a garden or perhaps isolates a farmer’s field from the highway.  It´s a fact that fences do secure perimeters but in this world of ours there are millions of miles of fencing some keep animals out and others are designed to keep people out. Once erected fences need to be durable and give years of reliable service.

A welded wire mesh fence is manufactured by welding steel wire strands together to create a strong, barrier that is difficult to penetrate. This type of fence is the most popular in use as a high security barrier where it is essential, or there is a desire to be able to see through the fence.

Types and finishes

Fence finishes can be in virtually anything from zinc coated, sprayed and painted to powder coated. Where rust is not acceptable stainless steel plays an important role in wire mesh fencing.

The type of fence determines the thickness of wire required which is typically from 2mm – 8mm. The horizontal wire pitch is the distance between two horizontal wire strands and is typically 12.2 – 200mm. The vertical wire pitch is the distance between two vertical wire strands, typically 10mm to 76.2mm.


The list of uses for Wire Mesh Fence products can be put is virtually limitless but major uses are:-

  • Perimeter protection of buildings, such as bonded warehouses
  • Barriers around offices and public buildings where visibility is necessary
  • Residential garden and estate fencing
  • Security fencing for hospitals, prisons and military bases
  • Border control between countries
  • Barriers for zoos, nature reserves and wildlife parks
  • Agricultural perimeter definition and animal enclosures

In 2014, the Nato summit held at Celtic Manor in Newport was protected by the erection of a nine foot wire fence that was 12 miles long to make a ring of impenetrable steel. After its use had been served it was given to the French in Calais in an attempt to help them stop illegal immigrants reaching Britain.
Dingo Fence







However, don´t be too impressed with a 12 mile fence because the longest fences in the world are:-

  • The Dingo Fence of south-east Australia, 5,614 km (3,488 mi) finished in 1885
  • The Rabbit-proof fence of Western Australia, 3,253 km (2,021 mi), completed in 1907.

Such is the fascination of some people for fences they have even written books about them, an example being: ‘The longest fence in the world’ – a book by F.H. Broomhall

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