Industrial Fencing Solutions for Parks, Sports Facilities and Recreation Grounds

Posted on: August 10, 2016

Industrial Fencing Solutions

As parks and recreational grounds become more susceptible to vandalism, strong industrial fencing solutions are required for protection.

The need for security fencing in both every day and uncommon situations demonstrates a requirement to find a fencing product that can not only maintain security, but also blend in with park aesthetics. It also needs to provide a major deterrent to vandalism and crime.

Double Wire Fence Systems

The simple design of these pre-galvanised wire panels, which can be manufactured with or without anti-climb security top spikes, makes them an ideal option.  Available in 868 (with single 6mm vertical wire and twin 8mm horizontal wires) or 656 (single 5mm vertical wire and twin 6mm horizontal wires) formations, our heavy duty welded Steel Fencing designs are the supreme choice for creating effective barriers. The panels are available in a range of heights up to 3m and in 2.5m or 3.0m wide.

We can also supply fencing panels in a wide range of colours, primed and powder coated to provide protection against the elements and the threat of corrosion.

Better choice for security

This option of steel industrial fencing as a perimeter security boundary, has reclassified the commercial fencing industry. These fences have the strength to meet the level of security stipulated, plus styles that equal the characteristics of a traditional wrought iron fence.

Anti-Climb enhancements

Anti-Climb Fencing is specifically manufactured to prevent intruders from entering the grounds of sports clubs, football ground and other facilities requiring high security. This type of fencing is available with a range of security toppings that can be attached to a large choice of anti-climb fence panels, to provide additional security. We are able to supply anti-climb industrial fencing to keep parks, sports facilities and recreation grounds secure and safe, whatever your security needs.

Our customer service team is available to share their knowledge and to give advice about our Industrial Fencing solutions, or any alternative fencing application that may be required for your development. Siddall and Hilton Products can advise you on current UK regulations regarding the installation of appropriate fencing if required.

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