High Quality Upholstery Springs for New and Antique Furniture

Posted on: April 30, 2015

Apart from companies like ours, furniture manufacturers and upholsterers most people wouldn’t have a clue what Bonnell or double cone springs are but you might be surprised how much they feature in our everyday lives. These furniture and upholstery springs are often used by orthopaedic mattress manufacturers and in a wide range of high quality furniture products where firmness is required.

They are not just used in machine made furniture but by thousands of individual traditional upholsterers worldwide. High quality upholstery springs provide comfortable seating, and ease the back pain of sufferers allowing them to get a decent night’s sleep.

Furniture restoration

It’s not just new furniture that benefits from double cone or Bonnel springs. Antique dining chairs, chaise longue, couches and armchairs can be positively rejuvenated with them. A good professional upholsterer takes time and uses quality materials in restoring antique furniture back to its former glory. Re-upholstery can be expensive because of the time taken and the materials used. Here is a list of the main materials and tools a professional furniture restorer needs to carry out the work:

  • Upholstery springs
  • Spring twine
  • Staples (usually half inch) and staple remover
  • Jute webbing and a stretcher for it
  • Upholstery tacks (usually 12 oz)
  • Tack hammer (preferably magnetic)
  • Scissors
  • Fasteners (with Klinch-it tool)
  • Air compressor with hose
  • Pliers
  • Button twine with specialist button needle
  • A pair of goggles

Time consuming preparation

The preparation for restoration can take days with removing the fabric, old staples or tacks and padding and although it is possible to use the old upholstery springs it’s invariably better to use new. With constant use and new springs chairs can last more than a lifetime.

If the furniture is made of wood, upholsterers will either manually strip the old varnish/paint or send it away to be dipped in paint or varnish stripper. When it comes back there may be rubbing down to do, staining and re-varnishing. So you can see that it’s hard work.

Restoring a piece of antique furniture can often work out more expensive than buying new but many people prefer to pay the additional cost for something they may never be able to find a substitute for.

Need advice?

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