High Quality D49 Construction Mesh

Posted on: June 15, 2016

High Quality D49 Construction Mesh

Why High Quality D49 Construction Mesh?

High Quality D49 Construction Mesh is an essential component for reinforcing screed and ensuring strength in a concrete or resin floor.  The flaws inherent in screed such as cracking, curbing and shrinking are well known and as a reinforcement product, our D49 Construction Mesh has no equal particularly on screeds at low depth where the bending moment can be increased with its use.

Mesh above piping

We recommend 300mm wide reinforcement mesh is laid over pipes that have a 30mm screed covering.  D49 will reduce cracking in the screed.  In underfloor heating where there is a variance in temperature, the mesh will stabilise the screed, particularly where plastic piping has been used.

Reinforcement of Day Joints

Lateral movement is curbed by utilising D49 mesh and architects often make it compulsory for day joints

Maintaining the highest standards

At Siddall & Hilton we are aware that the optimum standards are required for products used in the construction industry.  For this reason we keep ourselves apprised of the latest industry news and changes in rules and regulations.

Our D49 Mesh is manufactured in compliance with BS 1052:1980 and CARES approved.  Our customers are able to offer their construction clients high quality products that are designed to do the perfect job.  Floor pipe and joint safety is imperative in any construction project and we can be relied upon to provide products that meet all British Safety Standards.  We stake our reputation on it!

In our range of steel mesh products, D49 is a best seller both locally and globally. Whether you are new to the construction industry or an established builder you can rely on us never to let you down on quality or price.

For more details about D49 construction mesh and other products used in the industry including security and fencing products, call our D49 experts today for advice and a no obligation quote.

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