Gabion Baskets and Landscaping

Posted on: March 6, 2015

Gabion is an Italian word and comes from the Italian word gabbione meaning “big cage” and is used for filling with rocks, soil or cement. Gabion baskets have been used for 7,000 years and the Egyptians used them to protect the River Nile.

These baskets are used for a variety of engineering purposes including preventing erosion; filling dams, building walls and for foundations. They are frequently used in gardens, both large and small.

A system that can last for over 100 years

The Gabion mesh for the baskets is manufactured from coated steel wire using zinc aluminium and sometimes a further anti-rust layer is added. The Gabion system can last for over 100 years and the products used come with a quality certificate issued by the BBA (British Board of Agrément). Naturally the longevity of the system will depend on the stone used for filling the baskets which ideally should be rocks that are frost resistant. We provide baskets using a variety of mesh and we also provide PVC-coated gabion baskets to a colour of your choice.

It is becoming more and more popular to use the baskets for landscaping. When filled with natural stone Gabions can be used to build a wall, looking naturally tied into the house and landscape. When work is being done on a house, they can be filled with rubble from the house which can be used to reinforce banks or create a wall which is then finished in all sorts of ways including rendering.

Creative baskets around the garden

Gabion baskets are often used to create benches in the garden and in woodland. They create great fire surrounds for use outdoors. Many people use them for water features and they provide a good strong surround to a pond. They can also be used as planters in the garden and to create pillars for outdoor taps.

Other uses are for fencing foundations, low walls for walkways in your garden, or high walls for the boundary of a property or garden. Gabion baskets used in landscaping and in your garden provide you with scope and variety.

We recommend that professional landscapers are used to install the baskets and we are always available with advice if you are not sure what you want to achieve or how to incorporate the baskets into your particular project.

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