Fencing that suits your Security Needs

Posted on: September 25, 2014

By far the best way to acquire fencing that suits your security needs is to seek advice from either an expert in security or a security fencing contractor. Preventing access to your commercial premises or residential home for security purpose has unfortunately become a necessity rather than a choice. However, selecting a particular type of security fencing can be difficult unless you know what is available and which type is likely to offer the level or protection that matches your requirements.

Security consultants and fencing contractors will assess your specific security needs and are likely to offer the following types of fencing:

  1. Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is commonly used throughout Europe because of its durability and resistance to vandalism. Because it is possible to incorporate close sections within this type of fencing it is almost impossible for people to climb over it and is equally as difficult to cut. Whilst the fence may resemble standard wire mesh which is used for less expensive security solutions, it is actually link welded so if a prospective burglar wanted to break through it would be necessary to individually cut each point in the fence to gain access. If you have very valuable plant and equipment on site, the extra expense is well worth the investment when matched against increased insurance premiums and downtime incurred by such a loss.

  1. Chain Link Fencing

This type of security fencing is the most common and is used in virtually every industry sector where security risks are designated medium or low. Usually chosen demarcation purposes of secure areas, it’s not a particularly reliable defence against intruders since it takes little effort to cut through or climb.

  1. Barbed Wire

The sharp, hazardous barbs on barbed wire topping a wire fence are usually sufficient to deter intruders since getting over barbed wire, even if the fence has been climbed, will cause tears to clothing and possibly cuts and scratches. Barbed wire is not expensive and therefore provides and affordable security solution if you are on a low budget. It’s also useful on farms where it prevents cattle from going into areas you don’t want them to.

  1. Razor Wire

Also known as barbed tape, razor wire is infinitely more dangerous than barbed wire and it would take a very courageous intruder to attempt to breach a fence topped with it. A determined burglar might think about risking it but the time factor involved in cutting through it not to mention the time involved in avoiding injury is usually sufficient dismiss the thought and move on to easier pickings.

The choice is yours but make sure you know exactly what your security needs are before spending money on what could be a less than perfect solution. Advice from security consultants and fencing contractors is usually free but could be invaluable to you.


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