Famous wire mesh fencing around the world

Posted on: December 5, 2014

When you have a huge area to fence, the type of fencing you use is directly relative to its purpose. It may be around a large country estate in which case the fencing will serve as security against intruders and possibly predatory or destructive animals such as foxes.

But when we think about wire mesh fencing, which is the most commonly used, most of us think in practical terms as to how and for what it is used. However, here are some examples of wire mesh fencing and other types of fences that are quite famous for peculiar reasons:

  1. The longest wire mesh fence on the planet is the Dingo Fence in Australia which spans 5,614 kilometres (around 3,400 miles). It was constructed in the late 1800s in an attempt to prevent an out of control rabbit population from damaging crops but it soon became evident that rabbits are either smart or just have a natural instinct for burrowing under or jumping over fences. However, it did have the effect of stopping dingoes (wild dogs) from killing sheep. So effective was the wire mesh fencing at keeping the dingoes out that it produced another problem for the South Queensland sheep farmers in that kangaroos thrived and ended up competing with the sheep for grazing.
  2. Attaching odd objects to wire meshing fencing is a bit of a trend abroad but doesn’t seem to have caught on in the UK. For example, New Zealanders are quite obsessed with making wire mesh fencing aesthetically unusual. There are fences in New Zealand with toilets, teapots, boots and shoes attached to them but the absolute cherry on the Kiwi cake (New Zealanders love cake) is a wire mesh fence in Cadrona. Since 1999 this fence, around the perimeter of a farm, has attracted veritable droves of tourists who arrive to survey the vast collection of bras attached to it. It’s a mystery who started it but over the years more and more have appeared
  3. On the same theme, but not strictly wire mesh fencing, a 6’ 5” section of bridge fencing collapsed this year along the Pont des Arts in Paris. This was because romantics wishing to declare their eternal love have for many years, attached padlocks to the bridge fencing throwing the keys into the river. The weight of many thousands of padlocks caused the disaster which luckily didn’t result in anyone being physically harmed but it did cause a lot of heartbreak!

If you have any interesting stories about unusual occurrences with wire mesh fencing or any other fences we’d love to hear about them. And remember, if you need fencing for any purpose we are always here to discuss your requirements.


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