European Borders Protected by High Security Fencing

Posted on: October 22, 2015

Prison Mesh Fencing

European countries are currently going to startling lengths to tackle the growing problems of immigration, and cross Border controls.  Border barriers measuring hundreds of miles are being supplied and constructed as the stem of refugees/migrants into the continent reaches uncontainable levels.

In previous years, countries such as Greece and Bulgaria have attempted to stop migrants crossing the border illegally from Turkey into the European Union with the aid of enormous fences. However, in view of recent events, many other countries are stepping up their security fencing requirements.

Hungary is constructing a 100 mile steel fence between itself and Croatia.  Estonia also wants to build a 70 mile barrier with Russia whilst in Africa, Morocco has recently built a 15 foot wall topped with razor wire. Closer to home, Britain has spent in excess of £7 million to construct protective fencing around the Channel Tunnel.

Security Access

One of the first things to do when protecting a defined space is to control access. If access is limited to only a few places, energy and control are focussed more at these points.  A security fence will help to limit the number of access points on these Border barricades.

Naturally cost is always a consideration but anti-climb high security 358 Prison Mesh Fencing is the best category of fencing for the majority of high level security applications, if budget allows.

Approved products

Siddall & Hilton recommend and supply Prison Mesh Fencing and anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh is specified by the UK Home Office, as the best classification of fencing to be used in these high security circumstances.   Available in both pre-galvanised and Galfan® wire finishes, the high density weld and mesh spacing formation provides an anti-climb panel, with excellent through visibility, which is difficult to penetrate using traditional metal cutters.

Prison Mesh panels are available in heights up to 6096mm and widths of up to 3658mm. However, bespoke panels and sizes can be supplied on request.

Industrial Security Fencing

The range of high security, prison mesh fencing supplied by Siddall & Hilton will allow you to have peace of mind whilst providing maximum protection against intruders. Prison mesh fencing panels and other high security fencing products have individual attributes allowing you to choose the correct fencing system for your project.  Used in many applications, from prison security, hospitals, factory units, airports to border control our products will meet the demands of perimeter security, in light of new and escalating threats.

For further information on anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh fencing applications and other secure fencing solutions, click here to Contact us. With many years of experience our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your requirements, and advise you on the best product and application for your project.


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