Does Calais have the Wrong Type of Security Fencing?

Posted on: August 5, 2015

Whatever the political issues or rights and wrongs of the security problems in Calais, one thing is clear. The fencing that has been erected is not adequate for its intended purpose. There are many types of security fencing and the choice you make directly relates to the level of security or safety required.

Naturally cost is always a consideration but purchasing fencing that is inadequate can lead to more than double the expense when it has to be replaced with the correct product for the job.

Prison Mesh

Where there is a need to prevent people entering or leaving an area by far the best solution is high security, anti-climb 358 prison mesh manufactured from Galfan® or pre galvanised wire.  The Home Office in the UK specifies the use of this fencing for secure hospitals, high security prisons and other high profile applications.

The configuration of spacing and high density welding in the mesh makes these anti-climb panels extremely difficult to grip with the hands and feet or to breach without industrial type cutters.

Visibility is not impaired irrespective of the wire density and these fencing panels can easily accommodate security accessories such as intruder detection and alarm systems.

Normally manufactured in panels that are up to 6096mm high and 3658mm wide, these sizes tend to match most high security applications but can be uniquely designed for special projects.

Razor Barb

For further security, a razor barb topping can be added, supplied in stainless or galvanised steel.  Razor sharp barbs angled at regular intervals create a further challenging barrier making it virtually impossible to grip anywhere along the length.

Using the budget wisely

The security fencing at Calais clearly demonstrates how, even if you have millions of pounds in a budget for fences; if you spend it on the wrong type it will in the long run cost more. Professional fencing contractors are acutely aware of how important it is to make the best use of their customers’ budgets so perhaps some of them may feel inclined to share their knowledge with the French authorities.

For further information on high security fencing applications and solutions Contact us. With many decades of experience our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your project with you free of charge.

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