D49 Mesh and its uses

Posted on: August 21, 2014

D49 Mesh is mainly used for screed reinforcement to enhance the strength of flooring, reduce shrinkage in curbing and to prevent cracks in the screed. In construction it is a well-known fact that shrinking and curling is inherent in screeds causing them to crack when drying. D49 mesh is an ideal reinforcement product since it deflects the stress on impact and prevents micro cracks from forming and becoming larger.

D49 Mesh increases reinforcement for the bending moment
Used in reinforcement of traditional screed, D49 Mesh is the best product to increase the bending moment, especially on low depth screeds.

D49 Mesh over pipes
Reinforcement mesh with a 300mm width laid over piping is highly recommended since it will help enormously in the reduction of cracks provided there is a 30mm screed covering the pipes.

Underfloor Heating
The importance of D49 mesh over the pipes in underfloor heating cannot be understated. With continuous variation of temperature the potential for cracks and curling is much higher due to the shrinking of screed. Quite often, particularly when plastic pipes are used in the underfloor heating system, poor compaction around the pipes is noticeable. This can result in weakening of the screed. It is therefore, highly important to get the screed right and to stabilise it with D49 Mesh

Day Joint Reinforcement
Curbing lateral movement is also addressed by the use of D49 Mesh and is usually stipulated for day joints in any architect’s plan.

Our D49 construction mesh conforms to BS 1052:1980 and approved by CARES. You will be offering the best product available to your construction clients which is made from 2.5mm washed drawn mild steel wire and each intersection is resistance welded.

At SHP we are conscious that all construction products must meet the highest standards and for this reason we keep up to date with the latest technology in our production process. D49 Mesh is one of the most popular products in our range and used in construction throughout the UK and abroad.

The safety of flooring, pipes and joint in construction is paramount to any building and our customers look to us to ensure that products meet British Safety Standards. Our reputation has been built on not letting them down.

Whether you have an existing or new construction company, as suppliers we guarantee that not only are all our products safe but they can be purchased at highly competitive prices. Just as your clients rely on you to give the best service, you can be assured that we provide the support across the board in construction reinforcement products.

For more information about D49 Mesh and a comprehensive range of construction, fencing and security products please contact us. Our experts provide advice as to the best products to match individual projects and our customer service department is always available to deal with any questions you may have.

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